August 16, 2012

I would first lie to say I think Elia is truly one of the best. I have been a client for almost 20 years and have gone through many systems. What I have notived in the last couple of years is the quality of your systems detioriating. They seem to lose hair faster and don't hold up as well as older systems. The overall quality has been fair to poor. I hope you can find out why the systems don't do as well.

August 17, 2012

I've been a client of Hairart from day one. During the many years as client I have alway been very satisfied with the service, systems, stylists and staff. The coffe they serve in the waiting room is 2nd to none. My stylist is the best. She is very good and dose a great job to make sure that I look very my best. I would recommend Hairart to anyone who's looking to improve their apperance. The system might seem expensive at first but the rewards are well worth it. One of by best compliment was from my Doctor has he was checking out my scalp, I had to tell him that I had system on. He was totally socked that it wasn't my own real growing hair.

August 17, 2012
Orange Location

To me,having made the decision to make usage of the Hairart system,has always been a sensitive issue and a sound decision. eventho' it can be pricey it does wonders for one's self-image and esteem.Amelrosa,besides 'being easy on the eyes' is wonderfully personable and just great to conversate with.Martina,love her bubly and bright spirit,her advice about maintaining my system and always engaging conversations.All and all,the atmosphere is relaxing and pleasant,great job!

August 17, 2012

I've been a longtime client here at Image One,with Martina, at the Orange location, Alma Rosa is always pleasant, and always fits me in when I have an emergency situation. I would recommend this specific site to anyone who needs this service!

August 17, 2012

I have been with Hair Art for 22 yrs. and it has been a great feeling & satisfying for myself . All the staff were so helpful , knowledgeable and great service .
I owe it all for Jackie & Doris .

Thank you

August 18, 2012
Professionalism at it's best

I've been a happy customer for over 10 years. From their office in Los Angeles to their new place in Orange, I've enjoyed a professional service that I've been happy with. Scheduling an appointment is easy and flexible with my schedule. Coming into to their office is always a pleasant experience - greeted in a friendly manner and leave a a super good mood. Thank you!

August 18, 2012
Orange Location

I have been a client now for almost 15 years and I have been under Ella's excellent care for most of that time. Not only have I been very happy with Ella, but the rest of the staff, like AlmaRosa are so friendly and cooperative as well. I cannot say enough about the professional and courteous service each and every time I am there. Kudos to the Orange location folks!

August 24, 2012
Feeling Great !!!

I have been a client of IMAGE ONE in Orange Co. for more than 15 yrs. My experience with the staff has always been Superior !!
Everytime I go for service I leave the site Feeling Greeeaatt !!!
My sincere appreciation for Ellia, and her profesional work and good sence of humor, Alma Rosa always willing to help on a friendly and profesional maner, Martina I have got the opportunity of been help by Her
To All of you, Thank you,Thank You... Keep up the good work!!!!

August 27, 2012
Great on all fronts

I've been a client for more than 15 years and am so impressed with Hairart and their team in Orange County. Elia is my hair stylist and is simply fantastic. I would say the same for Martina and Alma -- they're true pros and super friendly. I feel at home and taken care of by HairArt.

August 29, 2012
Expect the best from Hair Art

There are options out there, but once you do your homework it's very easy to spot the clear and outstanding choice...Hair Art! I have been a long time client and find their service to be outstanding and the product to be superior in all matters. The flexibility of having a San Fernando Valley and a Los Angeles location comes in very handy for me. The staff is always friendly, helpful and caring.

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