Go beyond styling - Hair Addition / Replacement Center Education

Learn how to earn thousands instead of hundreds for the same hours of work.

Master Advanced Hair Replacement & Hair Extensions with Industry Expert Doris Yu

Due to the Covid impact, many stylists have realized that banking on just cuts and coloring is a risky gamble.

Hair replacement centers that specialize in men’s and women’s hair systems and extensions are very profitable.

They offer a variety of applications such as tapping, bonding, clipping, and hand tying depending on your clients needs. This type of specialization can turn a struggling salon/stylist into a thriving one.

Hair Replacement / Extensions experts earn around 10 times as much as a regular cut / style / color might for the same length appointment.

The business is also thriving and growing year-on-year. Clients are loyal and come back repeatedly for new systems and touch-ups.

Doris Yu is an industry expert who trains stylists from across the country in the intricacies of customizing human hair wigs, and extensions.

Doris and her team of experts will teach you how to apply, cut, style, and customize hair human hair systems and wigs. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your offerings and earn more money.

Doris is offering this industry master classes in her Los Angeles hair replacement center by appointment only.

Course Content

Classes include:

  • Business Training: Pricing services, social media advertising, client consultation, ordering and inventory.
  • Wig / Hair Piece / Hair System Management: Cut, color, sizing, custom mold creation, hair piece attachment; bonding, taping, clipping, sewing etc. ventilating (weaving hair into a wig cap) , base repairs and all the other specialist education you’ll need to know to resell the best possible pieces to discerning clientele
  • Extensions Applications: Learn hand tied weft sew-in application, tape-in extensions application, i-tips, micro-links, keratin bond and more, and learn which are best from which clients’ hair type.
  • Extensions Removals and Maintenance: Learn how to customize human hair extensions and cut and color them to best fit your client, and how and when to remove them with little damage.
Course Cost
  • Short Courses available!
    -Ventilation, base repairs and re-size wigs: 2 days $1,000
    -Attachments bonding, micro locks, and weave, semi and permanent one day $550
    -How to order the perfect hair piece and wigs: mold making, hairline and density 1 day $550
    -Comprehensive salon training including all above techniques 5 days $2,500 
  • One Week Master Course: $6000, (Educational materials all inclusive, learning materials such as human hair mannequins, styling equipment and wigs / extensions)
  • Two Week Master Course: $10,000 (Educational materials all inclusive: learning materials such as human hair mannequins, styling equipment and wigs / extensions), by the end of these two weeks, you will have the foundation to run a successful hair replacement / extensions business. This fee can be made back after about 4 new human hair wig customers and is why these skills are invaluable.
  • After Completing the Course: You will receive follow-up time whenever you have wig / hair piece or business question from Doris Yu and her team.

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Sample Course List*

(*Ttimes and scheduling will vary based on student needs, but cover all the topics necessary for running a hair restoration business)

1st Day
9-12 PM Ventilation techniques with 3 different knottings
1PM-3PM Ventilations practice with instructor feedback
3PM-5PM Repair bases, reshape, sizing of hairpieces for customization.

2nd day
9-12PM Ventilation details, how to fix lace front area, how to do invisible knots
learn the correct amount of tension to use on a weak base
1-4PM Q&A

3rd day:
9 – 12 PM: Learn how to match the color / texture of hair, including how to do perms and color on processed human hair pieces.
1 – 5 PM Real practice with instruction and feedback

4th day:
9 – 12 PM: Application: Sew-in, bonded, tape in / on practice (Hair Pieces and Extensions)
1 – 5 PM: Real practice with instruction and feedback

5th day:
9- 12 PM: How to cut in, cut and style wigs, hair pieces, and extensions so they blend seamlessly, including real practice
1 -5 PM: Maintenance, aftercare, upkeep, and follow up for hair pieces, wigs, and extensions.