Gorgeous, real, beautiful hair.

Largest Collection of Virgin European Hair in The US

HairArt has been in business for over 49 years and is famous for its unmatched inventory of Virgin Caucasian and Ethnic hair. When we say our hair is truly virgin, we mean it!

Unlike other hair systems, the hair used in our wigs and hairpieces is cut directly from ponytails of all textures and colors to offer a natural, full variety.

HairArt is the only company that can offer natural wave, virgin color and gray human hair.

Top Styles… Innovative Designs

HairArt has collaborated with the top names in hair replacement to create superior products at every price point.

  • House of European Hair
  • Invisi-Tab Hair Extensions

single individual’s head to ensure the most natural movement.

100% Owned Factory

When you own the factory, you don’t rely on third parties to do your quality control. And when you manage your own studios, everything has to be right the first time.

HairArt is the only company that understands the complete production cycle, from design to manufacturing to applying the product to the end consumer

HairArt can offer rush delivery in as little as three weeks, competitive pricing and personal service that other companies can’t match.

Education, Styling Aids & Support Tools

Everything you need to run your business is just one phone call away. Styling aids, mannequin heads, new generation hair dryers HairArt has them all.

HairArt takes pride in partnering with top educators and exceptional salons in the US and around the world. The company offers a full education program together with attractive marketing materials to support your business.

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