Happy Client

Truly the BEST!
In all the years that I have worn a hair system (well before I came to Hair Art), I have never had stylists so well skilled, so talented, and so patient. I actually have had services all over the country as I used to travel so much for work. They are truly the BEST. My current HairArt Salon stylist really knows what she is doing. She is so patient and listens to all of my worries. Somehow, after only a few months, I don\'t even have to ask for what I want-- she knows me now. She is so in tune with what I like and what I don\'t. She styles hair beautifully and I wish she could do my hair every day. She is also a genuinuely sweet and warm person. You can tell she loves what she does and that makes such a difference. As you know, happy employees make excellent workers.
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