"I have been a wig wearer for over four years. Over that time, I have purchased many different human hair wigs, from different manufacturers, in every price range, even some claiming to be European hair, all in search of great looking, & natural looking hair, that felt silky and soft. My search ultimately led me to HOEH, and I have never looked back. I presently own 3 Reba's and 1 Susan S. I will never wear anything else!! These wigs are truly the best in Virgin European hair that today's market offers. I have owned my HOEH wigs for about a year now, and they look just as good as the day I first received them. Recently, I was required to be hospitalized for several weeks at different times, over 2 months. I was able to wear my HOEH wigs the whole time in the hospital, and even when laying on the hair that much, they still looked great! This hair held up under those conditions, like no other would have, with very little tangling, & still feeling soft & silky!! . The one thing I never had to worry about during my illness, was "my hair". It always looked great!! Best of all, these wigs are so natural looking, (the color is never processed), that no one, including my nurses & my doctors, ever knew I was wearing a wig! I love these wigs, and I would never wear anything else!! If you are looking for only the best, don't waste your time (& money) on other brands. HOEH offers what none other can offer, and they truly are the best in the hair industry." A loyal fan & wearer of HOEH wigs, Anne-Marie
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