Anne-Marie Finn

The wigs (in their purple boxes), were delivered this afternoon, and I was here to sign for them. I wanted you to know they are safely in my hands. I also wanted you to be the first to know how absolutely thrilled I am with them! They are gorgeous!! The hair is so soft and lovely, with perfect natural color, and the factory did a great job following my specifications, and Doris's instructions for the caps. They fit perfectly. (Although it had been brought to my attention by Doris in our initial discussions of the cap I wanted, I had actually forgotten that I'd be losing the adjustable tabs in back in order to accommodate more silicone placed at the nape). It has worked out fine, giving more grip in the back, and with an almost perfect fit! Thank you for providing the opportunity for me to purchase, and wear, such beautiful wigs. Please pass along my thanks to Doris also, and feel free to share this email with her. I would like her to know that I could not be happier with the wigs - they are simply gorgeous!! I will look forward to doing business with you, and Doris, again in the future. Many thanks, Anne-Marie
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